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Clearance of all rubbish from your houses, rooms, and offices.

Clearance of all rubbish from your home and offices

We will do a full clearance of your house and clear out your basement, garage. We are also clearing offices and businesses.

Clearance and recycling

We dispose of and recycle, waste, bulky waste, scrap and electrical devices in an environmentally friendly manner at certified recycling centers.

Reconditioning Apartments

We specialize in clearing apartments and repairing them professionally.

Renovation work and painting

We will give your property a new shine through professional painting and varnishing, using only environmentally friendly paints and varnishes.

Removals and transports

We also offer you an inexpensive and insured transportation of your removal goods in specially protected packaging.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We are only 100% satisfied when you are. We keep improving until everything is perfect.

Professional in london

Our Professional for Clearing Out Bulky Waste in London

The 24 CLEARANCE team are based in London, we are very familiar with the professional clearing out of bulky waste in London.

We have been active in Germany for many years and have already professionally cleared and cleaned thousands of properties, for example:

  • Apartments
  • Basement, Cellar
  • Houses
  • Terraces
  • Doctor's offices
  • Attics
  • Law firms
  • Gardens
  • Business premises
  • Garden houses
  • Commercial establishments
  • Arbors

We attach great importance to environmentally friendly disposal and professional recycling of the furniture and objects to be cleared out.


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professional clearing in London

Your partner for professional clearance out in london and the surrounding area!

Your contact

Contact us today by phone, email or using our contact form.

Your personal contact will confirm that you have been contacted and will take care of your household liquidation in the coming days.

Of course, he is available to answer any questions you may have about clearing out things.

24/7 customer support

Free on-site appointment

We will take a look at the situation at your location.

Of course, we can now discuss all open questions and concerns personally.

After the inspection, you will immediately receive a 100% non-binding free cost estimate from us.

All our services and prices are listed transparently.

Take time to compare our offer with other providers and let us know how you have decided.

Secure your offer!

Clearing out on your desired date

We will be on-site on the date you want.

We clear out your property quickly and thoroughly.

We dispose of your household items and recycle it professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are also happy to carry out additional services:

If necessary, we renovate, fill and wallpaper your rooms.

Of course, we also carry out professional painting and varnishing work.

We use environmentally friendly paints and varnishes for this.

More about our clearance

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our transparent invoicing takes place promptly.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies.

If you have reason to complain, we will improve it until you are 100% satisfied.

We are only completely satisfied when you are completely satisfied.

Secure your offer!

Variety of additional services

Most of the time, clearing out is not enough to remove household items from the apartment and adjacent rooms and dispose of them properly.

A household resolution often entails a whole rat tail of other tasks that pose great challenges for many “normal mortals”.

We are passionate craftsmen and are happy to take on all new tasks:

This includes:

  • Filling and wallpapering work on the walls
  • Repair of floors
  • Professional painting and varnishing work on walls, doors and windows
  • Basic cleaning of living rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities
  • Protected and insured transport and moving services with professional equipment
  • Reconditioning Messie Apartments
24/7 customer support

You ask, We Answer!

Time is money.

And that's why we give full throttle to all apartment closings in London and the surrounding area.

Experience shows that our team does not need more than 3 working days even for complex household resolutions.

Even if the attic or basement also has to be cleared out.

We bring a normal 3 to 4 room apartment into a clean swept condition within a day.

We will clarify the exact effort and costs with you in advance on site.

With us you will not experience any nasty surprises.


We are known for our flexibility and our aim to satisfy our customers 100%.

As a rule, we can start clearing out your property within 24 hours.

It is best to contact us today so that we can give you an appointment for our free on-site inspection.

We will prepare our free and non-binding cost estimate immediately after the inspection.

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied, recommend us to friends and acquaintances and leave good reviews on rating portals.

That is why we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

We are only satisfied when you are too.

If there are grounds for complaint, we will improve it free of charge until you are perfectly happy.

This is what we stand for with our word.

For us, trust is not just an empty phrase.

The 24 clearance team undertakes to hand over any valuables and assets (such as jewelry or valuable works of art) found in the apartment to be cleared or to offset the value on your invoice.

If our employees should get their hands on sensitive documents, they will treat them discreetly and also hand them over to you.

Our employees are trained accordingly and are very trustworthy.

We already attach great importance to this when selecting personnel.

Once a clearance at an household as happened it's often a difficult matter.

After all, it's not just about clearing out bulky waste in London, but often the home furnishings are a reflection of a long life.

There are also many personal items in an apartment or house.

Often many memories of grandparents or parents are attached to the facility.

It's hard to get rid of these beloved things.

Nevertheless, in the end they are only objects and the many beautiful memories remain with us.

Your team from 24 clearance shows the right instinct when clearing out your property.

We see ourselves as a professional service provider at 24 clearance and are by your side and take account the mental difficulties in this special situation.

Many people do not dare to take on the clearance of an inherited apartment.

The inhibition threshold to simply dispose of the household effects of a loved one is too great.

Or they suspect that the home furnishings are worth a lot and shouldn't just be thrown away.

As an expert in clearing apartments in London, we have made the experience that this is often a fallacy.

In addition to the good feeling of liberation, there are also many good rational reasons that speak for a budget dissolution:

  • The rental costs for an empty apartment are often significantly more expensive than the value of the furnishings in it.
  • A cleared apartment can be presented much better when viewing.
  • Interested parties can imagine the desired furnishing of the apartment much better.
  • Professional clearing out prevents the formation of mold, unpleasant rumors and vermin.
  • Better preservation of the building fabric in an empty apartment.

A clearing out and a subsequent sale or a new lease therefore usually always pays off.

Contact us today so that we can initiate the clearance of your property in a timely manner.

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Transparent fixed prices for clearance in London

We at 24 clearance London, on the other hand, rely on a transparent and fair pricing policy:

  • We will visit you in advance and give you a non-binding free estimate.
  • All of our services are listed transparently in the offer.
  • These are fixed prices, which will then be billed to you as announced after the clearance.
  • You will not experience any nasty surprises with us.

We want to offer clearing out for you as cheaply as possible, but still live up to our social responsibility and pay fair wages.

If we come across valuable objects or documents during the clearing out, we will inform you immediately and discuss the next steps with you. Our employees are discreet and trustworthy. You can always rely on our team. We look forward to working with you!

Your cheap clearance through out London.

Clearing out things shouldn't put too much strain on your budget. But it shouldn't be too cheap and therefore unprofessional. Many dubious suppliers and black sheep cavort on the clearing-out market in the capital.

They try to reach customers with unrealistic bait offers and incredibly low prices.

Some companies also speak of free apartment clearance.

This clearance of apartments is only free of charge if enough valuables and antiques can be found and turned into cash.

In this business practice, apparently worthless objects are often "disposed of" only to be sold for profit behind the back of the customer.

Regardless of whether you are planning an office clearance , a basement clearance or the clearance of your shop , we are happy to assist you. Let our team advise you individually at any time!


Let us convince you!

Our clearance prices in and around London

We know how important it is to find out in advance exactly how expensive it is for the clearance of your property.

As a serious provider, we cannot give you any flat rates, as the prices for clearing out depend on a variety of reasons, for example:

  • Number of rooms to be cleared out
  • Amount of existing household items
  • Location of the apartment or the house
  • Any additional services required

One thing is certain: our prices are fair and transparent.

We will come to you in advance free of charge and make you a free and non-binding offer.

We offer low fixed prices that you can rely on.

You can roughly count on these costs for professional clearance.

£300 to £500

For clearing out a 2-room apartment

£500 to £750

For clearing out a 3-room apartment

£800 +

For clearing out larger apartments and houses with garden plots, basements and attics

You are welcome to send us photos of your property and contact us by phone.

Then we can make an initial assessment and arrange a free advance appointment for a viewing with you. Also we charge primarily by the volume we collect. All our prices include loading, sweep-up and related recycling costs.

Call our sales team to discuss further or even arrange a site-visit free of charge.

1/4 Load - £90

20mins Loading

(250kg/25-35 bin bags/5 cubic yards)

1/2 Load - £180

30min Loading

(250kg/25-35 bin bags/5 cubic yards)

3/4 Load - £260

30min Loading

(250kg/25-35 bin bags/5 cubic yards)

Full Load - £350

1hr Loading

(250kg/25-35 bin bags/5 cubic yards)

We look forward to your call!+44 782 733 5969

Environmental protection when a household is cleared in London

You did it.
The vast amounts of household items are finally cleared out of the apartment.

But the next difficulty already arises:

What to do with all this stuff?

After all, unauthorised waste disposal can be a criminal offence.
The team from is trained accordingly and classifies the rubbish first into different waste categories:

  • Organic goods
  • Recyclables
  • Glass waste
  • paper
  • Bulky waste
  • Electrical appliances
  • Pollutants

Then we transport all the rubbish to certified recycling yards and landfills.

There, the various types of waste are disposed of in a professional and environmentally friendly manner or recycled.

A clean affair: for you, for us and for the environment!

A little tip from us: What is no longer worth anything to you or appears to be waste, this can be valuable for other people and bring them a lot of joy.

So also think about donating old objects or furniture to charity. Maybe one or an other treasure is hiding in the household effects? Have antique furniture or objects valued by a second-hand bookshop near you. Or try selling on your own!

Use corresponding online offers such as eBay classifieds.


If you are looking for a clearance in London that is quick, uncomplicated and environmentally friendly, then you are at the right address with the experts at!

Contact us today and we will come to your home as soon as possible to give us an overview of the situation on site.

+44 782 733 5969

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