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Time is money.

And that's why we give full throttle to all apartment closings in London and the surrounding area.

Experience shows that our team does not need more than 3 working days even for complex household resolutions.

Even if the attic or basement also has to be cleared out.

We bring a normal 3 to 4 room apartment into a clean swept condition within a day.

We will clarify the exact effort and costs with you in advance on site.

With us you will not experience any nasty surprises.


We are known for our flexibility and our aim to satisfy our customers 100%.

As a rule, we can start clearing out your property within 24 hours.

It is best to contact us today so that we can give you an appointment for our free on-site inspection.

We will prepare our free and non-binding cost estimate immediately after the inspection.

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied, recommend us to friends and acquaintances and leave good reviews on rating portals.

That is why we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

We are only satisfied when you are too.

If there are grounds for complaint, we will improve it free of charge until you are perfectly happy.

This is what we stand for with our word.

For us, trust is not just an empty phrase.

The 24 clearance team undertakes to hand over any valuables and assets (such as jewelry or valuable works of art) found in the apartment to be cleared or to offset the value on your invoice.

If our employees should get their hands on sensitive documents, they will treat them discreetly and also hand them over to you.

Our employees are trained accordingly and are very trustworthy.

We already attach great importance to this when selecting personnel.

Once a clearance at an household as happened it's often a difficult matter.

After all, it's not just about clearing out bulky waste in London, but often the home furnishings are a reflection of a long life.

There are also many personal items in an apartment or house.

Often many memories of grandparents or parents are attached to the facility.

It's hard to get rid of these beloved things.

Nevertheless, in the end they are only objects and the many beautiful memories remain with us.

Your team from 24 clearance shows the right instinct when clearing out your property.

We see ourselves as a professional service provider at 24 clearance and are by your side and take account the mental difficulties in this special situation.

Many people do not dare to take on the clearance of an inherited apartment.

The inhibition threshold to simply dispose of the household effects of a loved one is too great.

Or they suspect that the home furnishings are worth a lot and shouldn't just be thrown away.

As an expert in clearing apartments in London, we have made the experience that this is often a fallacy.

In addition to the good feeling of liberation, there are also many good rational reasons that speak for a budget dissolution:

  • The rental costs for an empty apartment are often significantly more expensive than the value of the furnishings in it.
  • A cleared apartment can be presented much better when viewing.
  • Interested parties can imagine the desired furnishing of the apartment much better.
  • Professional clearing out prevents the formation of mold, unpleasant rumors and vermin.
  • Better preservation of the building fabric in an empty apartment.

A clearing out and a subsequent sale or a new lease therefore usually always pays off.

Contact us today so that we can initiate the clearance of your property in a timely manner.

  • We offer fair and transparent prices.
  • We are flexible in terms of time according to your wishes.
  • We attach great importance to environmental protection and professional recycling.
  • We are discreet and trustworthy.
  • We work quickly and reliably.

The costs for professional clearing out depend on the size and effort of the area to be cleared out.

Before you hire us, you will receive a free offer from us so that you know exactly how much the clearing out will cost in your case.

If you decide to clear out your property yourself, you should definitely have a container ready for mixed waste.

For a 5 m³ container, the costs are usually several hundred euros including disposal.

5 m³ of household items corresponds approximately to a complete living room including all furniture.

Usually the owner of the household effects has to pay for a household liquidation.

In the event of death, these are the heirs.

If the previous owner of the apartment or the household effects cannot pay for the clearing out, the responsible social welfare office may assume the costs on request.

Should clearing out become necessary due to an insured risk such as fire or water damage, the home insurance may pay for it.

Landlords or homeowners can take out special rental nomad insurance to cover the costs of clearing out messie apartments.

We want to clear out your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. That saves you real money. That is why we assign our appointments as soon as possible.

Immediately after you contact us, you will be inspected on site.

This appointment and our cost estimate are 100% free and non-binding for you.

Then we will arrange a suitable appointment with you and clear out the clutter on time.

After the household has been liquidated and the household effects properly disposed of, you will receive a detailed acceptance report and an invoice from us, which transparently lists all services.

As a rule, at Entruempelung-London.eu no more than 7 days pass from the time of your first contact to the successful completion of the clearing.

The Entruemplung-London.eu team is of course accident and liability insured.

It goes without saying that we are liable for any damage that might occur during the clearing out work, and we will cover any subsequent costs that may arise.

So far, everything went well with our clearing out.

We hope it stays that way. 🙂

Clearing out is also popularly known as household liquidation or apartment liquidation.

The point is to completely divest various real estate objects from existing inventory:

  • It does not matter whether it is furniture or other objects in the object.
  • As a rule, associated rooms such as attics or basements are also cleared.
  • These items are then properly disposed of and thus destroyed.
  • Certain things can of course also be recycled or used in some other way, for example through a sale or a gift.

There are various reasons for clearing out London:

  • The apartment owner moves to a senior citizens' residence or dies.
  • The owner of the apartment goes abroad for a long time and does not want to take his entire household with him.
  • An eviction, placement in a detention center or in a psychiatric clinic.

If a household is dissolved, it also disappears from official statistics and represents a departure from private households in economics.

You're probably flirting with clearing out your property yourself.

True to the motto “It is the man himself”.

You probably want to save costs too.

We can understand that well.

However, you should be aware that clearing out on your own also causes a lot of costs, for example:

  • Provision of a container for mixed waste
  • Installation approval from the relevant authority
  • Establishment of a no-parking zone
  • Disposal of bulky waste at the landfill
  • Provision of work utensils
  • Renting a van

Overall, clearing out on your own is only marginally cheaper than having it carried out professionally.

There are a few good reasons to turn to a professional company for clearing out:

  • Clearing out is a real "backbreaking job"
  • Rapid implementation of the clearance work
  • Use of professional equipment
  • Experience in dismantling cabinets, furniture, fitted kitchens
  • Know-how in professional disposal
  • Everything from a single source (corridors to the responsible authorities, installation of the containers, transport to the recycling yard)

Save time, money and nerves - and entrust us with the thorough clearing of your property today.

Let's do it!

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