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Costs and prices of a clear-out

Do you need to clear out your home after a move, clear out your basement or has a loved one passed away and you need to take care of de-cluttering or clearing out your home? If you are faced with such a challenge, then you may be asking yourself whether you should carry out the de-cluttering yourself or hire a professional de-cluttering company? A privately carried out decluttering is of course cheaper than a decluttering with a decluttering company. However, doing it yourself also takes a lot of time and energy, because you have to dismantle all the furniture, remove the bulky waste, dispose of clothes, scrap metal, rubbish and other items, and possibly clean the flat or house. You will also need volunteers, a large transport truck and all the necessary permits. In contrast, decluttering with a professional de-cluttering company offers much more comfort - but is more expensive.

When is it worth doing a clear-out yourself?

Before you decide to clear out your home yourself, you should bear in mind that this usually takes a lot of work, time and nerves, but is cheaper. If you are clearing out a small cellar or a few pieces of furniture or bulky waste from a move, you can easily do it with friends. A larger clear-out, e.g. a complete household clearance, on the other hand, can take several days, an additional transporter and numerous helpers. Many customers shy away from having their clearing out done by a professional clearing out company because this causes unnecessary costs. So the decision essentially depends on whether you would rather save money or time? However, when making your decision, bear in mind that a decluttering carried out by yourself also takes time and costs money.

How much does a clear-out cost?

An uncluttering that you have carried out by a professional uncluttering company is not only less stressful, quicker and more convenient than an uncluttering carried out yourself, but also cheaper than you might think at first. Because with the right preparation and an inexpensive decluttering company, you can save cash. The following chart should give you an overview of the costs that can arise for a 3-room flat, for example. You can also calculate the costs for your clear-out conveniently and free of charge with our calculator. Please note that the price is an average of the cheapest and most expensive provider.

The average costs at a glance

This is how much a clear-out with little, normal and a lot of bulky waste costs, for example

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  • Get a quote here. The costs are statistical surveys from disposals carried out by ourselves. All prices include VAT and are indicative and may vary depending on condition and region.
  • *In the case of extremely cluttered flats and houses, one speaks of the messie syndrome, which often reflects a heavily cluttered and often contaminated household. Such households can only be cleared and cleaned with an increased amount of work. You can find more information about this on Wikipedia or on the website of the messie expert Veronika Schröter.

Are there uniform prices for a clear-out?

No, unfortunately not. The prices and services of the providers differ greatly from one another. Therefore, it is advisable to make a careful price-performance comparison when choosing a provider. Keep in mind that the size of the rooms (sqm), the condition as well as the items to be disposed of play an important role in determining the price of your decluttering. Most decluttering companies offer a free inspection service, which you should take advantage of when making your selection. This way you will receive an individual offer and also get to know the company that you will possibly hire later.

Tip: Reduce costs by doing it yourself

Take a structured approach to clearing out. Make a list and sort out all the furniture, clothes, objects and souvenirs you want to keep. Sorting can save you money and reduce the cost of your decluttering. Items you no longer need can also be given away or donated to the Red Cross. Items that are in good condition may still bring a few euros and can be sold on the Internet, for example, on ebay Kleinanzeigen, Momox, Shpock or Rebuy.

Tip: Free disposal at recycling centres

At most recycling centres, you can dispose of smaller quantities of your bulky waste, usually up to 2 cubic metres, free of charge. This is roughly equivalent to a set of couches or a washing machine and an armchair. Larger quantities will incur fees, which may be much higher than those charged by a clearing company.

Reduce the cost of clearing out with a value assessment

Whether antique furniture, a fine grandfather clock, historic chests, high-quality crockery or a stamp or coin collection? There are ambitious collectors and enthusiasts for many things. Therefore, ask for a value assessment, because many decluttering companies offer this service and you can reduce your costs with the credit. Please note, however, that it is often not possible to estimate the value of standard furniture, electrical appliances and bulky waste and that resale is not worthwhile for the clearing companies.

Tip: Get quotes and compare prices

Have you inherited a flat in London or are you moving to Ilfort? Then you should be aware of the regional price differences for your decluttering or household clearance, as these can be up to 40% of the total cost. In addition to the costs for your clearance, you should also calculate possible travel costs for viewing appointments and overnight accommodation costs. If you are planning to sell your property, you must also be prepared for additional costs for estate agents, notaries and authorities. Therefore, find out in good time about the costs involved and obtain several offers conveniently on our website.

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