Office Furniture

Office Furniture Clearance

Would you like to sell your old office furniture? We are interested

Please send us the following information about the used office furniture:

  • Quantity of the furniture parts to be sold.
  • Manufacturer of the office furniture and office chairs.
  • How old is the office furniture or the used office chairs?
  • Is the furniture still in use or already in storage?
  • When should the furniture be collected.

If you offer larger quantities, we will be happy to come by and make an offer for recycling. We pay a fair price for good, high-quality office furniture. For office furniture that can no longer be recycled, we offer a low-cost disposal service for used and defective office furniture. Of course, we also take care of the complete office clearance. Dismantling, packing, clearing, loading, removal, temporary storage. We then hand over the offices swept clean, reliably and on schedule. We offer you the complete service for a reliable, on-time office clearance.

The task: You want to sell your old office furniture.

If you no longer have any use for your old, used office furniture and office chairs and you are planning to sell your existing office furnishings, we can certainly help you. Especially if you are not able to sell your entire stock, this often results in lengthy sales phases and thus unnecessary costs for dismantling, clearing, interim storage, preparation and resale. Experience shows that problems can arise, especially with large quantities. In turn, the disposal of office furniture can be expensive. There is often a lack of real alternatives if you want to dispose of your office furniture.

Think of the environment, because often good furniture is disposed of that is actually still suitable for use. When we collect the furniture, it is sorted on the spot. Only the furniture parts that can be used are returned to the market.

The solution: We buy your used office furniture.

By buying your office furniture, we can relieve you of a lot of work. Even large quantities are no problem for us. In our warehouses we can also accommodate large quantities of shelves, office chairs, desks, cabinets and other office furniture. Together with our partner companies, we are a strong team and take care of all the necessary steps, reliably and on time. We are specialised and well equipped for this. For smaller quantities, please first send us a few photos and a list with a short description of the furniture. We will then contact you immediately and discuss the individual points over the phone. For larger items, we will be happy to visit you and inspect the furniture on site. We will then make you a binding, serious offer for the recycling. We will offset the value of your used furniture against the costs for the clearance of your office. So you don't have to worry about anything. We take care of all the logistics, dismantling, transport and storage for you. We leave your office space on schedule after the clearance and, if you wish, in a swept clean condition.

The furniture must be in a recyclable condition. We buy individual pieces of office furniture, such as office chairs, desks, etc., from 15 pieces upwards. If it is workstations or designer furniture, we also accept smaller quantities.

Our complete service for you:

  • Free on-site consultation
  • Serious and binding offer
  • Dismantling and transport
  • Disposal of non-recyclable office furniture

Simply send us a list of your used office furniture and some pictures.

We will then contact you as soon as possible to make an assessment of the office furniture for sale. Recycling your used office furniture clearance protects the environment. In this way, we make a joint contribution to environmental protection. Office Furniture Clearance through the 24 Clearance team !!!

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