Shed Clearance

Quick and uncomplicated shed clearance

A shed is very practical, especially for items that are not needed at the moment. But at some point, even the largest shed should be cleared out to make room for furniture that needs to be stored over the winter, for example.

This is exactly where we can help, because we clear out sheds professionally.

Do not throw away, but recycle

Under this motto, we are also happy to do a shed clearance . Often there are items in a shed that can still be repaired and thus sold. That's why we only employ specialist staff who first take a close look at everything in your shed. Of course, when clearing out a shed, there are always items that can no longer be used. We then dispose of these items professionally. Because 24 Clearance also pays close attention to environmental protection.

All other items are put up for sale, which means that you still have a use for these things. Therefore, the inspection is always an important part. This inspection is of course free of charge. Here, an exact overview is then obtained before the shed clearance. More importantly, it is only through a professional inspection that a correct price can be determined.

This is also the difference to all other companies, which often advertise a free clear-out for the shed. Here, however, there can always be unpleasant surprises, especially if there are no valuable things in the shed. This is where we make a difference, because we don't want to leave you in the dark about the price.

Experience that pays off

Since we already have a lot of experience in the area of shed clearance, especially in London, you can also benefit from this. We work neatly and quickly, which means the shed is empty in no time. Of course, you could also do this on your own, but this is not possible without costs. Here you would have to sort everything yourself and dispose of it accordingly. Which could possibly cost more than if everything is done from one source and by professionals. In addition, it not only costs a lot of time, but also a lot of nerves. Thus, de-cluttering by a professional team is worthwhile in many respects. Because you can use your free time for other things than tediously separating and sorting old objects in the shed.

Get an empty shed without worries

This is exactly what our team guarantees to do. We take care of everything when clearing out your shed so that you finally have more space again. Because a lot of things can be stored temporarily in a shed, when the shed has space again. Things like garden furniture don't have to go into the garage, but get a permanent place for the winter. Above all, this can be done quickly and almost unnoticed by you.

Of course, every now and then things that have been missing for a long time can be found in a shed. Our team will take this into account when clearing out your shed, because we don't just dispose of things. Therefore, you are welcome to look over our shoulder as we work. You just relax and our team will take care of all the tasks. Clearing out in and around London couldn't be easier and all for an agreed and fixed price.

Our other services

Among other things, we specialise in clearing out, flat clearance, household clearance, estate clearance, waste disposal and company clearance.

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